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AHC Export Lumber supplies the finest domestic hardwood species to our customers around the world. Four concentration yards give us access to a diverse inventory of premium Appalachian hardwood lumber and we process, distribute and export more than 50 million board-feet each year. Our facilities are located within close proximity to major U.S. ports for convenient shipping. AHC Export Lumber is also a worldwide supplier of premium African, Central and South American hardwood lumber. We carry our commitment to excellence to extraordinary levels with a fully integrated process that allows us to control quality from rough green lumber through sales.

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Management Team

Patrick Altham

Vice President Export

Telephone: 1 704 584 1023

Mobile: 1 704 996 3466

Fax: 1 704 875 6604


Kris Long

Vice President of National Sales

Telephone: 1 704 584 1012

Mobile: 1 704 614 1569

Fax: 1 704 947 1220



Sales Team

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